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From: Daniel James (daniel_james_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-18 17:18:00

Daniel James wrote:
> I believe the differences in RC_1_34_0 are either the restored files or
> changes made after release. The best way of checking would be to compare
> with the 1.34.1 tarball. I'll try to do that later tonight.

OK, I've compared an export of release 38285 of branch RC_1_34_0 (which
doesn't include any changes from after the release) and
boost_1_34_1.tar.gz. Before running the comparison I deleted doc/html
from both as that contains the generated documentation in the release. I
also instructed diff to ignore lines with annoying variable
substitutions (there must be an easier way to do that) and to strip line
endings (as some files differ, mainly Visual Studio files but also a few
documentation files). The only differences left are: a couple of files
that confuse diff, a deliberately bad text file and CVS junk.


daniel_at_bah:~/cpp/ > diff -r --strip-trailing-cr \
> -I '\$Source.*\$' -I '\$Date.*$' -I '\$Revision.*\$' -I '\$Id.*\$' \
> -I '\$RCSfile.*\$' -I '\$Header.*\$' -I '\$Log.*\$' \
> RC_1_34_0 boost_1_34_1
Only in RC_1_34_0/boost/functional/hash: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/boost/xpressive/detail/static/productions: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/boost/xpressive/proto/compiler: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/iterator/doc: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/mpl/doc/src/refmanual: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/optional/test: .cvsignore
Binary files RC_1_34_0/libs/program_options/test/ucs2.txt and
boost_1_34_1/libs/program_options/test/ucs2.txt differ
Binary files RC_1_34_0/libs/program_options/test/utf8.txt and
boost_1_34_1/libs/program_options/test/utf8.txt differ
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/python/build: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/python/example:
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/python/pyste/dist: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/python/pyste/src/Pyste: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/python/pyste/tests: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/regex/doc: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/serialization/borland6ide: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/serialization/vc6ide: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/serialization/vc7ide: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/test/build: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/test/build/msvc71_proj: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/test/example: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/test/test/auto-link-test: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/test/test: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/thread/build: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/thread/example: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/thread/test: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/libs/xpressive/test: Attic
Only in RC_1_34_0/status: .cvsignore
Only in RC_1_34_0/tools/build/v2/test: .cvsignore
diff -r --strip-trailing-cr -I '\$Source.*\$' -I '\$Date.*$' -I
'\$Revision.*\$' -I '\$Id.*\$' -I '\$RCSfile.*\$' -I '\$Header.*\$' -I
'\$Log.*\$' RC_1_34_0/tools/inspect/wrong_line_ends_test.cpp
< // this is a test file; it isn't supposed to have correct line endings
< // Copyright Beman Dawes, 2003.

//  Copyright Beman Dawes, 2003.'t supposed to have correct line endings
< line ending with cr
< line ending without any cr or nl
\ No newline at end of file
line ending without any cr or nl
\ No newline at end of file
Only in RC_1_34_0/tools/regression/test/test-cases/general: .cvsignore

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