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From: Paul C. Leopardi (paul.leopardi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-15 23:56:23

Has anyone tested Boost 1.34.1 against gcc 4.3.0? How do I find out if this
has been done?

Also, how do I run the regression test myself? I have a few issues so far:

1. The test documented runs
against and I (first)
want to test Boost 1.34.1.

2. As per the thread
I get:
error: Unable to find file or target named
error: '/boost/python//boost_python'
error: referred from project at
error: '../libs/parameter/test'
(but I'm running SUSE Linux 10.1, not Windows)

3. The regression test looks like it requires a login password:
# Uploading log
archive "/home/leopardi/src/boost/regression/results/"
# upload_logs failed with message "530 Login or password incorrect!"

The reason I want to run the regression test is that I have recompiled my
GluCat library with gcc 4.3.0 and it gives a segfault in Boost 1.34.1 uBLAS.
This does not happen with gcc 4.2.3.

I would have thought that since Boost is such a high profile C++ library, and
g++ is such an important C++ compiler, the current Boost release (as well as
HEAD) should get a regression test with every gcc release. To me it would
seem wise for some volunteer Boost or gcc person to build such a test into
the gcc release cycle.


Paul Leopardi

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