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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-26 12:38:42

Looking at
I see a few issues:

a)intel- darwin- 10.0, 10.1, and 9.1 - and gcc- 3.4.2_hpux_pa_risc

The platforms are showing failing tests that use wstream. Is it true that
this is failing or not implemement on this platform?. This seems
unbelievable to me. Are things mis-configured in some way? Should the
serialization tests skip tests for platforms which cannot pass the
corresponding test in boost/config?

b) sandia labs gcc- 4.3.0

This looks like tests are continually being run even though gcc is not in
the path!!! What's up with this?

c) borland- 5.6.4, etc.

I'm still waiting for help getting the Jamfile.v2 files - build and test -
to permit thest tests.

d) jrp-msvc9.0 shows all failures. I test this here with no problems.
Other testers have no problems either. This needs to be investigated by the
test runner.

e) Huang-Vista-x64, RudbekAssociates-V2, Huang-WinXP-x86_32

The table include test results for test which removed 7-10 days ago. It
seems that even though the tests are re-run daily, the results for now
obsolete tests are still included. This adds a lot of confusion.

f) Caleb Epstein SunOS-5.10, VeecoFTC

These show totally blank columns even though they seem to be tested on a
daily basis - what's up with that?

Robert Ramey

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