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Subject: [Boost-testing] about finite state filters ...
From: raespi (raespi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-12-19 17:18:50

Hi ... I've been trying to use for a couple of days finite state filters
in my app. I'm currently developing a Middleware Server for
communicating two parties through a common data stream. I'm using the
finite_state_filter concept to detect the specific segments I'm
interested in and decoupling them from the stream. I wrote to this
specific list because the only example provided by Boost on using them
are the test suites. There's no visible example of a main function for
example using these filters and the author wrote at the end: "I'll leave
it as an exercise to discover how it works."

I managed to extract these lines to test them in my app:

         io::stream_buffer<io::file_sink> buf("log.txt");
         ostream out(&buf);
         string dest;

         comments.push_back( 0xa3 );
         comments.push_back( 0xa3 );
         comments.push_back( 0xa3 );
         comments.push_back( 0x72 );
         comments.push_back( 0x59 );
         comments.push_back( 0x2b );
         io::array_source src(, +
comments.size() );
         io::copy( src, io::compose( uncommenting_filter(),
blocking_sink( dest )));

However I'm interested in a more direct approach using sinks .
Something like:

data >> sink;

Where the sink has the filter already, or something of the sort.

Can anyone help me ?? Thanks in advance ...

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