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From: Bart (bartmann_nsd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-18 08:40:20

"Antonio Coralles" <noche.suapie_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> i'm writing on a programm which uses the boost date_time library
> [boost-version = 1.32.0] heavily; while i normally programm in linux using
> gcc-3.3.5 i also need to compile my program in windows from time to time.
> because it makes life easier with another library [gtkmm-2.4.8] i'm using
> mingw-3.4.2; everthing worked fine (my code contains about 10 000 lines
> using boost_date_time) until i started using a
> boost::gregorian::year_based_generator. while gcc-3.3.5 in liux accepts my
> code without even a single warning [with -Wall], mingw-3.4.2 complains -
> it seems that the compiler has problems with year_based_generator:
> calendar.hpp:60: error: variable or field `insertGenerator' declared void
> calendar.hpp:60: error: expected `;' before '(' token
> calendar.hpp:92: error: expected `)' before '*' token
> calendar.hpp:95: error: using-declaration for non-member at class scope
> calendar.hpp:95: error: expected `;' before '*' token
> here is the header:
> maybe somebody can give me a hint - or maybe point out an error in this
> header which is ignored by gcc-3.3.5.
> thanks,
> antonio

I don't have mingw 3.4 available to me (I have 3.2). I do know the
regressions tests are passing for date_generators and 3.4 though.

Are you able to build the print_holidays example? It uses pointers to

It's in libs/date_time/example/gregorian.


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