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From: Sliwa, Przemyslaw (London) (Przemyslaw_Sliwa_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-10 04:18:18

Please have a look at GSL.
It is a C lib but can be used with C++.

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Does Boost Math Library support Statistic Calculation?
(e.g. median, std deviation, etc)?

>From here, it does not appear Boost Math library
calculate has statistic algorithm. If not, can
someone please recommend some c/c++ library which does

Thank you.

Math and numerics

    * math - Several contributions in the domain of
mathematics, from various authors.
    * numeric/conversion - Optimized Policy-based
Numeric Conversions, from Fernando Cacciola.
    * integer - Headers to ease dealing with integral
    * interval - Extends the usual arithmetic
functions to mathematical intervals, from Guillaume
Melquiond, Hervé Brönnimann and Sylvain Pion.
    * math/common_factor - Greatest common divisor and
least common multiple, from Daryle Walker.
    * math/octonion - Octonions, from Hubert Holin.
    * math/quaternion - Quaternions, from Hubert
    * math/special_functions - Mathematical special
functions such as atanh, sinc, and sinhc, from Hubert
    * multi_array - Multidimensional containers and
adaptors for arrays of contiguous data, from Ron
    * operators - Templates ease arithmetic classes
and iterators, from Dave Abrahams and Jeremy Siek.
    * random - A complete system for random number
generation, from Jens Maurer.
    * rational - A rational number class, from Paul
    * uBLAS - Basic linear algebra for dense, packed
and sparse matrices, from Joerg Walter and Mathias

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