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From: jf332-3 (mviala.acticm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-29 05:21:50

Hi, After few hour on the subject, I’m would like to have some explanations & recommendations one the boost serialization library. To explain, my problem, you will find hereafter a VC++ 7.1 project that demonstrates it. Problem Description We have involved in a large project with for example two DLLs libraries: LibA and LibB. These libraries define & implement one class each other, let’s say libA::A and libB::B. These two classes can be serialized through boost serialization engine. The interfaces for the two classes are the same: ---------------------- struct LIBA_API A { std::vector<double> my_vector ; private: friend class boost::serialization::access; template<class Archive> void save(Archive & ar, const unsigned int version) const ; template<class Archive> void load(Archive & ar, const unsigned int version) ; BOOST_SERIALIZATION_SPLIT_MEMBER() }; LIBA_API void save(const libA::A* pObj, std::ostream& os) ; LIBA_API void load(libA::A* &pObj, std::istream& is) ; }; // Namespace libA ---------------------- The two free functions save() and load() are defined to be able to serialize the class libA::A (respectively the class libB::B). When, we try to use these interfaces in an EXE application: ---------------------- #include <LibA/A.h> #include <LibB/B.h> #include <boost/filesystem/path.hpp> #include <boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp> #pragma comment(lib, "liba_d.lib") #pragma comment(lib, "libb_d.lib") int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { libA::A a; libA::save(&a, boost::filesystem::ofstream("a.xml")); libB::B b; libB::save(&b, boost::filesystem::ofstream("b.xml")); // -> Assert in debug mode return 0; } ---------------------- The figure hereafter describes the relationships between LibA, LibB and EXE. ------------ ------------ | LibA | | LibB | ------------ ------------ \ / \ / Exe Application We have to face to an assert in debug mode generate by the file boost::serialization::extended_type_info.cpp, line#71. This assert happens during the instance serialization of class libB:B. Recently, there are some posts on this subject, but I would like to known how I can deal with this assert? Is it possible to avoid it by a code organisation? To have a concrete answer, I have joined my complete VC++7.1 project. Thanks in advance for your help. Development Platform WindowsXP VC++ 7.1 Boost 1.33.1 Marc Viala mailto:mviala_at_[hidden]

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