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Subject: Re: [geometry] Reading shapefiles...
From: Barend Gehrels (barend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-03-20 12:50:05

Hi Tommy,

On 20-3-2013 11:44, tommys wrote:
> I'm new to Boost.Geometry

Welcome to the list!

> and the first thing I had on my mind was to read
> data from my shapefiles. I'm aware that GIS is not part of Boost 1.53 but is
> available as an extension, and I've found shape_reader and shp_read_object,
> which I thought would do the job. However, I get compilation errors and
> after having glanced through the code it looks like it simply cannot work -
> or am I missing something? Some parts of the code seems to do quite a lot,
> like read_polygon::apply, while other, like read_shapefile is lacking and
> have comments like: create shape_reader instead of doing it.

Yes, that might be, this is simply not finished and because there are
not yet unit tests for them, I believe you if it is not compiling
anymore. I will have a look, to get them compilable/runnable should be
easy for me (finishing is another thing).

> Are there any
> plans to wrap this up?

We're currently focussing on other parts (spatial index, fixing errors /
adding unsupported combinations, buffer, internal tag design) ...
Actually you are the first to ask questions about this, which is nice
because basically the system to read/write shapefiles (with help of
shapelib) like this felt very good to me.

> Btw, any ideas when GIS will be an official part of
> Boost.Geometry?

That will be done gradually, projections is also a large thing which
needs some design decisions about the model of the earth. I cannot give
any concrete date.

Regards, Barend

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