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Subject: [geometry] Reading shapefiles...
From: tommys (tommysvensson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-03-20 06:44:20


I'm new to Boost.Geometry and the first thing I had on my mind was to read
data from my shapefiles. I'm aware that GIS is not part of Boost 1.53 but is
available as an extension, and I've found shape_reader and shp_read_object,
which I thought would do the job. However, I get compilation errors and
after having glanced through the code it looks like it simply cannot work -
or am I missing something? Some parts of the code seems to do quite a lot,
like read_polygon::apply, while other, like read_shapefile is lacking and
have comments like: create shape_reader instead of doing it. Are there any
plans to wrap this up? Btw, any ideas when GIS will be an official part of


(PS. There is no critique from my side!! Boost.Geometry looks great in other
parts :-) Just asking...)

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