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Subject: [geometry] Interesting errors
From: Adam Wulkiewicz (adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-14 09:50:40


I've noticed some interesting errors on some platforms. It would be
interesting to try to know what's the cause and fix or prepare workaround
if possible.


1. Most of the tests of Sandia-intel-11.1 runner. Surprisingly, not all.

Run fail: signal: SIGSEGV, si_code: 0 (memory access violation at address:

2. convex_hull (also multi) on darwin-clang-11 with address sanitizer:

Run fail: AddressSanitizer: container-overflow on address 0x60300000d018 at
pc 0x1036ca7ba bp 0x7fff5dd28d30 sp 0x7fff5dd284f0

3. Some tests of Sandia-cray runner (distance, intersection, etc.):

Run fail: difference{1.79769e+308} between d5{1.5700924586837752e-16} and
return_type(0){0} exceeds 0.001%

4. QNX

Run fail: check bg::distance(boost_polygon_point, boost_geometry_point) ==
2 * std::sqrt(2.0) has failed [2.82842712474619 != 2.8284271247461904]


Run fail: difference{1.12866e-06} between
detected_length_or_area{3461.025390625} and
expected_length_or_area{3461.0214843000002} exceeds 0.0001%

Those should be simple to fix

5. QNX select_most_precise

Run fail: check (boost::is_same<type, ExpectedType>::type::value) has failed


I'll try to track them down but if you are able to debug some of the tests,
e.g. have a Mac with clang and are willing to check what's wrong with the
convex_hull test, we'll appreciate it.


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