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Subject: [geometry] Andoyer geographic distance
From: Branimir Betov (bbetov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-10 19:53:37


I am trying to work with boost 1.57 and also I've got the
geometry.extensions.gis from the develop branch. I am using geographic cs.
Looking at extensions\gis\geographic\strategies\andoyer.hpp I think there
is a problem with one of the constructors:

    explicit inline andoyer(RadiusType f)
        : m_ellipsoid(f)

I think should be:

    explicit inline andoyer(RadiusType f)
        : m_ellipsoid(f*, f*)

(note the second radius passed to m_ellipsoid). Otherwise it chooses the
incorrect constructor for the ellipsoid and distances are incorrect.

Sorry for posting it in the groups - I am not sure what the proper way to
submit a patch is.


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