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From: Daryle Walker (darylew_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-02-10 23:29:24

I haven't gotten any Boost mail today (10 Feb 2001), but I found out about
the new version of Boost when I visited our Yahoo site to look at the new
testing code. (I just looked at the subjects of the last four e-mails on
the first Boost page.) Hopefully I'll get to read today's e-mails, but for
now, I'll nit-pick on the latest docs. I haven't given the actual code a
check-over. I used iCab 2.3-preview for the (regular) Mac OS as my HTML

I'm tired, so I'm not going too in-depth.

- A lot of HTML files don't have a DOCTYPE listed at their starts. This
lets the browser know what version of HTML is being used. It's not strictly
necessary, since the browser will guess an average version, but further
checks are a lot easier if it knows the exact HTML version intended.
(Worse, if you're using a different HTML version than the browser's guess,
then the browser may consider some correct tags as being wrong.)
- A lot of the docs have varying degrees of minor HTML warnings and
errors. Should these be cleaned up?
- A few of the sub-library docs offer a link to a header and to a
HTML-ized copy of the header. Is this duplication necessary? Worse, some
of the HTML versions are out of sync from their true header.
- The big sub-libraries; graph, python, and regex, don't put archives
(*.tgz or *.zip) of their hierarchy in their parts of the "libs"
subdirectory. But some of the smaller, and probably older, sub-libraries
do. Should these sub-archives be removed, since they duplicate what's in
the complete Boost archive. (Another thought, are those sub-archives in
sync with the current fixes? I've never checked.)
- Similarly, some sub-library web pages offer a link to the complete Boost
archive. Should those be removed?

- The first item under version 1.18.2 has a real ">" instead of a ">"
- The mailing list blurb still refers to eGroups, shouldn't it refer to
the Yahoo stuff instead (name, new e-mail addresses, vault)

Daryle Walker
Mac, Internet, and Video Game Junkie
darylew AT mac DOT com

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