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From: williamkempf_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-06-04 13:21:33

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> > just in case anybody else is looking for the Jam sources: The
> current
> > release is available at <
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> I'd just like to get Jam bootstrapped on my Win2000 box.
> The "installation" instructions leave a lot to be desired. I've
> an environment variable for MSVCNT to point to the ".. \microsoft
> visual studio\vc98" directory and run nmake (I also uncommented the
> MSVC lines in the makefile which was not mentioned in the readme).
> It manages to create a jam0.exe but when executed by the makefile
> this results in a fatal stop and the error message "On NT, set
> BCCROOT, MSVCNT, or MSVC to the root of the Borland or Microsoft
> ctories." being printed out. Anyone know if I've missed something
> here? Bootstrapping Jam had better be simple if it's going to be
> Boost build tool. (I also worry about bootstrapping it on
> currently not accounted for in the Jam makefiles.)
> Bill Kempf

I got a little further. It appears that jam0.exe is case sensitive
when looking up the environment variable. I had set 'msvcnt' and it
expected 'MSVCNT'. This change appears to make jam0.exe operate as
jam.exe would with the sole purpose of building jam.exe? However, it
appears to not like long file names. The very first command it
attempts to execute reads as follows:

"Compiler is Microsoft Visual C++
...found 131 target(s)...
...updating 29 target(s)...
Cc bin.ntx86\command.obj
jam.h(73) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'fcntl.h':
Invalid argu

cl /nologo /c /DNT /Fobin.ntx86
\command.obj /I"c:\program\include /Ifiles
\microsoft\include /Ivisual\include /Istudio\vc98"\include command.c"

Every space in the path has been interpreted as a seperate directory
in it's own /I option.

Again, if Boost is going to use Jam, it had better be easier to use
than this! What I've read makes Jam look like the perfect answer,
but this is getting to be a pain.

Bill Kempf

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