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From: Greg Comeau (comeau_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-06 12:18:17

Hi! As mentioned to many folks at the Curacao meeting, once 4.3.0
settled down, we would be spending lots more time looking at the various
libraries out there, including Boost. As such, I've revisited
for the first time in a while, and have the following comments:

Some setup questions/thoughts:
* In it mentions
  como for Windows, but it doesn't mentioned como for any other platforms
  (Linux, Solaris, etc). As well, it seems VC++ specific (there are
  now a 1/2 dozen additional backends available -- it's still beta until
  4.3.0 is released, but it's been so for ~6 months, so it's rather
  settled now).

* I'm not sure what
  represents, but suspect that it needs corrections. If somebody
  could elaborate what is expected of that URL, I'd be glad to provide
  revisions, especially now that new versions of Comeau C++ are more
  automated, have new capabilities, etc.

* I've downloaded the latest boost but I'm unclear how to reproduce
  the compiler status pages. Or even how to just set up boost.
  I've done 'bjam -sTOOL=como' and got a lot of errors. In particular,
  it seems to be set up for an earlier version of como, but I see from
  the compiler status pages that more recent como's have been used,
  so how do I get a copy of that? And/or is there a special option
  that I need to use to enable it for new versions of como?
  Also, is this bjam'ing procedure different for different platforms,
  or does bjam recognize what platform it is on? (IOWs, invoking
  como can be slightly different for different platforms, and so I'm
  unclear how that's recognized programmatically, or described in your

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