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From: Thomas Witt (witt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-27 01:20:01

John Torjo wrote:

>> The most frustrating thing I ran into as review wizard was lining up
>> review managers. I'd send an email to the top one or two in the queue,
>> and it would take several days to determine that one or both was going
>> to be unavailable. Sometimes a few more days trying to juggle dates,
>> before giving up. So then I'd try again, finally getting a review
>> manager and reviewee all lined up and in sync. Sometimes I'd be
>> out-of-town or very busy somewhere during the process, further slowing
>> it.
>> It seems like some kind of automatic scheduling system could do the
>> work. Often what is needed is persistence rather than human
>> intelligence. Does anyone know of such an automated system? It would
>> have to be email based, or at least the notification part would have
>> to be.
> I don't think automating would help here.
> How about having the email' addresses of all the review managers on the
> formal_review_process.html page?
> (and update this page as review managers are added or deleted)

I think having names and email adresses on the website is at least
controversial, if only for mail address harvesters. Though it might be a
good idea to have the author care for a manager. This could be done on a
mailing list.

> The one making a review request will have to write an email to all of
> the managers, and see which one is available.
> I don't think there would be a problem if for a review request we would
> have multiple review managers.

I don't want to waste review manager capacity. It takes a lot of effort
being a review manager.

> Having a [review] tag in the subject for the formal reviews seems pretty
> ok. I tend to agree with Jonathan - I think the discussion should still
> happen in the main list,


> while each message containing '[review]' in its
> subject should *automatically* be forwarded to another list. This way,
> we get best of both worlds - the reviews still happen on the main list,
> and you can still search ONLY the [review] archive.


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