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From: Michael Glassford (glassfordm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-17 22:04:02

Rene Rivera wrote:

> Michael Glassford wrote:
>> I'm using the VC++ 7.1 editor. Can you suggest an editor or tool on
>> Windows that will detect and/or fix invalid line endings?
> I use SciTE;
> It has an option for showing the line endings as [CR][LF] symbols. And
> you can set which line endings to use.
> The way I fix the problem is to show the line endings, and to set line
> endings to [CR][LF], load a file, do a global search+replace for
> [CR][LF] to erase all empty double lines, tell SciTE to convert all
> endings to my selected one. It's really only a load, replace, convert,
> save sequence, after some practice it only takes about 2 seconds per
> file :-)

Thanks! It seems to be just what I was looking for.

> My other editor, the CodeWarrior IDE does the conversion
> automatically. That is just load and it notices the problem and
> converts, then save. But it doesn't get rid of the extra empty lines.

I used to use CodeWarrior on a Mac and liked it a lot, but don't have
access to it now.

>>> Beman has a program which runs checks for this kind of stuff when he
>>> was running the regressions tests: tools/inspect. Perhaps we can have
>>> someone run those tests again?
>> I did try this, but haven't got it building yet. Judging from the
>> report you made available, it doesn't tell where they are, anyway.
> It tells you the file. Is that not enough?

It is if you have an editor that will show them or search and replace
them; unless I'm missing something, mine didn't.

Now that I have SciTE, I see a problem: for some reason all my files are
being checked out with only LF line endings. I'm using the latest
version of TortoiseCVS, which was supposed to handle line endings
properly. I wonder what's up?

On the theory that it seemed to be working for the most part, I removed
the stray CR that was in the two files indicated by Beman's checking
program and checked them in. Let me know if this doesn't do the right thing.


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