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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-30 12:51:40

At Tuesday 2004-11-30 08:25, you wrote:
>Beman Dawes wrote:
>>At 11:38 AM 11/29/2004, Joaquín Mª López Muñoz wrote:
>> >...I might like
>> >all of them, generally speaking, but only one will get my vote: the
>> >outcome is that the popularity of the logo family will be spread among its
>> >components. Unless we devise a rule that allows people to cast
>> >as many votes as desired.
>>Understood. Sometimes in C++ committee votes people are allowed to vote
>>for each candidate that is acceptable.
>>I'd also like to see "over my dead body" votes allowed. If anyone objects
>>strongly to a proposal, I'd like to know it and know why.
>I think having a ranked vote would solve most problems. Let people make up
>to 3, or any other appropriate number, choices and rank them in order of
>preference. When tabulating the higher ranked choices get more points. And
>you add the points. The "winner" is the one with most points.

there are interesting problems with this (ranked) system (depending on the
weights used for each rank) which include such non-sense as having
different winners if you add a candidate that gets ranked last by everyone
(that assumes, that you have to rank them all). The study of voting
systems has produced a lot of literature (my personal favorite is "approval
voting" (one man, many votes)). Given the recent election here in the U.S.
you can probably find many links to systems Concordiat(sp?), IRV,
approval, etc.
One of the reasons I prefer approval to those I've heard about is the
simplicity of explaining it, and of doing the analysis of how to vote for
the voters. The others have some (strange to me) game theory aspects if
you want to optimize the probability of being happy with the results.

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