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From: Jeff Flinn (TriumphSprint2000_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-25 07:47:05

"Paul A Bristow" <pbristow_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Recently we had a flurry of discussion of why Boost is not more widely
> used.


> But if we are to interest your average Windows IDE programmer, for whom
> is a blank or a distant nightmare, IMO we need some much better and
> simpler
> instructions, including lots of examples of input and output, and to be as
> well tested as the rest of Boost code. Like it or not, these are the
> potential customers and I spoken to many who are put off by the 'build
> barrier'.
> I suggest that we explicitly say that you can use all of Boost (except the
> ones that must have built libraries) by adding to the include list - and
> say
> exactly how in Windows IDE-ese.

Something like this as a start?


Organizing boost files

1) Create a main boost directory which will contain the current and future
boost library verstions. For example: C:\boost

2) Download the desired version(s) of boost (.exe or .zip files ) from
to the boost directory created in step 1.

3) Extract the .exe or .zip file(s) from Step 2 into the directory from Step
1. These sub-directories should retain the boost version within it's name.
For example


Using the header only boost libraries from MSVC7.1

Using a single version of boost header only libraries installation wide

1) Open an instance of MSVC 7.1 IDE.

2) Click the 'Tools | Options...' menu.

3) Select the 'Projects | VC++ Directories' item from the tree view on the
left of the Options dialog.

4) Select 'Include Files' from the 'Show directories for' dropdown.

5) Double-click just below the last entry in the directory list box, and
enter the path to the sub-directory for the desired version of boost. For
example: C:\boost\boost_1_33_0.

6) Repeat 5 for each Platform of interest after selecting another platform
from the 'Platform' dropdown.

7) Click Ok.


Using a single version of boost header only libraries on a project by
project basis

1) Open your project with the MSVC 7.1 IDE.

2) Select the desired project from the Class View or Solution View browsers.

3) Click the 'Project | Properties' menu.

4) Select 'All Configurations' from the 'Configuration' dropdown.

5) Select 'Configuration Properties | C/C++ | General' item from the tree
view on the left of the '<project> Property Pages' dialog.

6) Enter the desired boost version directory name in the 'Additional Include
Directories' value field in the properties listbox. For example:
C:\boost\boost_1_33_0. Note that directories are delimited with ';'.

7) Click Ok.

Jeff Flinn

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