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From: Preston A. Elder (prez_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-15 07:15:16

Bjørn Roald wrote:
> Is this a download available to the public?
Yes, the SunStudio 11 compiler is freely downloadable from Sun's website.

Sun finally ditched the whole licensing the compiler thing (seems trendy,
since now you can download the MSVC compiler and Borland compiler (without
the IDE) for free too). I guess they were seeing too many people using gcc
on solaris as an alternative.

Either way, this is a Good Thing (tm). Though unfortunately their STL
support isn't that great in Sun Studio 11, however the bundle STLPort with
it, and its easy enough to use STLPort instead of their native STL (its a
simple compiler flag), which I believe boost's old SunStudio support
already has taken care of.
> Hmmm - are there work-arounds for known compiler bugs activated in boost
> config when you set sunpro? If there are, they may be worth looking into.
> I
> am saying this because I am hopeful Sun are fixing their compiler. This
> is based on statements that they intend to support Boost with their
> compiler - and they do not seem to participate in efforts to add
> workarounds for their bugs in Boost.

I played with this myself at my last job. I got a lot of it working with
some simple changes to things such as is_enum.hpp as mentioned in the
parent. Most of the changes I had to do were simply using the compiler
workarounds in use for other compilers, occasionally it required me to do
something special, but not very often and not too complex.

Granted, my goal was to get program_options working on SunStudio 11, so once
I had achieved that, I stopped. So I didn't scour through all of boost,
but I'd say that SunStudio 11 (with STLPort) is actually now ready to be a
supported compiler by Boost if someone will actually go in and add the
appropriate #ifdef's to activate the correct compiler behavior.

Right now my SPARC system is not really in a state I can play with this (its
also only a SPARC Ultra 5, 300mhz with 256mb ram, so probably not really a
good system to compile boost on, either ;)

Otherwise I might play a little more around with it now I can get the
compiler for free. I'd love to use the native Sun compiler on Solaris

PreZ :)
Death is life's way of telling you you've been fired.
                -- R. Geis

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