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Subject: Re: [boost] GNOME outreachy
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-08-25 20:52:14

> But diversity is important enough to me that I will happily find the
> time to administer a Boost outreachy

I don't get how diversity is improved by excluding anyone who isn't a US
resident. Or any of the other groups Outreachy excludes.

> Do you realize that outreachy is a project of the Software Freedom
> Conservancy?

More than aware. Outreachy was originally pitched at Boost a few years
back by employees of the SFC. They pushed it hard at the time, too.

> The same Software Freedom Conservancy that has graciously and expertly
> managed the finances and legal matters for the Boost organization?

They did nothing graciously. They get paid 10% of everything we earn,
which is many thousands of dollars per year.

> Do you realize that the hard-working people from the Software Freedom
> Conservancy, who help sustain Boost, are probably on this list?

Of course. I am sure they have not forgotten any of my past interactions
with them. Most of which are on the public record, in any case.

The Software Freedom Conservancy provides administrative services for
Boost, for which we pay them substantial fees. Administrative services
are uncontroversial, either they get done, or don't, to some level of
quality or other.

I find it unfortunate that many of those who operate the SFC have used
the SFC, which has only the remit to provide administrative services for
open source orgs, and that remit alone, to act as a platform and launch
pad and soapbox for non-administrative, non-engineering, and definitely
non-C++ advocation of part of the US culture wars, which quite literally
are nonsensical to most of the rest of the world.

In my opinion, they should be politely be refused any purchase in that
regard. I also think they should desist from using the SFC in that way,
it feels improper, but that's up to them.

> You basically just called some very hard-working and dedicated
> contributors to Boost criminals>
> It doesn't matter what your opinion of Outreachy is. I think you should
> show some respect to the people who run it, because they have done more
> to keep the Boost community going than either you or I.
> In the future, choose your words more carefully.

I don't get why you'd suggest any of that. I chose my words accurately
and carefully.

You know as well as I do that criminality is based on jurisdiction. What
is illegal in one place may not be in another. Outreachy does not
operate outside the US. Therefore only US law applies to their
behaviour, and US law permits "reverse" discrimination.

It doesn't make what they're doing morally right, or anything Boost
should involve itself in. There are far better ways of improving
diversity than what they're doing. Some of the other threads in this
topic have good ideas not requiring blatent discrimination.


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