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From: Stephen W. Carson (StephenC_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-01 09:54:37

    Wanted to pass along some thoughts from our MetroWerks contact...
I'm asking him to clarify on some of these things.
    I have been trying to get time to pull a command line from the IDE.
Hopefully soon.

    I am concerned to nail down an answer to his concern about what
boost means by Darwin. I guess the real question is whether anyone cares
which libraries are used. Is it important that the CodeWarrior on Mac
boost build/test not be reliant on Carbon? (Carbon is a library with
MacOS specific stuff in it, mostly GUI routines I think). In another
e-mail he referred to a "BSD layer". I'm not sure what this means, but
if anyone can clarify where boost should plug in architecturally (and
where it shouldn't) that would be helpful for both of us.

    Also, does anyone know what he means when he says that "this all
past without any problems a month ago"? My understanding was that the
boost regression tests had never been modified to run for CodeWarrior on
Mac. Is this correct? Maybe the engineers he is talking to are thinking
of MetroWerks on Win32?

-------- Original Message --------

I'm not sure what is going on and I asked a couple of engineers to try to

help since this all past without any problems a month ago.

On this error:

Error : undefined identifier 'atoi'

Should be std::atoi your test needs fixed, if we are the only one that
fails this then actually we are the only one that passes it. :)

Ok my guess is that in this case it probably means you have a .c source file
compiled as C and linked in, you need to use the correct headers i.e
<cstdlib> not stdlib.h and stuff like that or turn on the force C++
compiler options. ( A fools way of beating the desired behavior defined by
the standard)

I'm not sure why you are getting errors for OS X navigation items. t could
be you need to add a path for the Carbon Framework.

I don't do much command line stuff but the IDE should produce command line
code that runs from Terminal.

It also seems to me that Darwin is a term that means different things to
different people so I am trying to get this defined.

> Ron,
> I've made major progress in that I am now regularly running the
> regression tests, with the help of the boost-testing mailing list. You
> can see that Mac OS X (which they call "darwin" in their reports) now
> has two columns one of which is CodeWarrior for Mac 9.3:
> You can also see that there a lot of libraries failing with cw-9_3,
> much more than with "darwin" (gcc). A major linking issue we're stuck on
> right now is attached below. A real CodeWarrior person like you or one
> of these other engineers could probably clear this up quick.
> MW Ron wrote:
>> Did the user just need my Boost configuration that I use for the Mac?
>> I think that engineer uses makefiles
> Anything I can look at would be very helpful.
>> Another engineer said.
>> I suspect that we would like to have it for both PEF and Mach-O, but
>> that will really be up to Stephen (whatever he's interested in doing).
>> Boost can be built as a static or shared lib, and again, I'm not sure
>> what Stephen wants to do, except what he's written below.
> I don't even know what PEF/Mach-O means. But if it would help to run
> CodeWarrior test two different ways I would be happy to do it. My
> company has definite self-interest here, but I'm contributing plenty of
> my own time simply because I love the Mac and want to see the Mac
> getting first class support from the boost libraries.
> I would need help to figure out how the test builds should be set up
> to do this.
>> Does any of that help you? Someone tested us on Mac it is in there
>> regression log, you might also contact them.
> It wasn't there before I got it there. They didn't have a Mac tester.
> Here is my dream come true, Ron. That a MW engineer would join the
> boost-testing mailing list long enough to help me and the rest of the
> boost-testing team (who actually understand JAM and the test stuff
> unlike me) get the CodeWarrior for Mac stuff in shape. I am doing my
> part by running tests twice a day so feedback should be rapid for any
> contribution MW can make here.
> I bet we could have all issues resolved and PEF/Mach-O and any other
> combination that y'all want supported going within a week or two with
> minimal assistance from an MW engineer.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
> Forwarded mail ------------------------------------------
> John Maddock wrote:
>>> Dirxion-bin-boost-libs-regex-build-libboost_regex-a-cw-9_3-debug.html
>>> ^^^
>>> -dylib-
>> Good pointer, looks like the toolset still isn't correct:
>> Status : Too many errors printed, aborting program
>> Error : undefined: 'NavCompleteSave' (code)
>> Referenced from 'PutFile' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> Error : undefined: 'NavPutFile' (code)
>> Referenced from 'PutFile' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> Error : undefined: 'TruncString' (code)
>> Referenced from 'TruncFileName' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> Error : undefined: 'BlockMove' (code)
>> Referenced from 'TruncFileName' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> Error : undefined: 'NavDisposeReply' (code)
>> Referenced from 'PutFile' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> Referenced from 'GetFile' in MSL_All_Mach-O.lib
>> These errors look like undefined references from std lib code? Maybe
>> we need some additional system libs added to the linker command line?T
> Yes.. But does anyone know which ones? Or how to add them? I'm no
> MacOS-X expert :-(
> Stephen perhaps you can investigate what's needed to get things to link.
> For example by trying to get one of the command line link steps to work
> manually. A good one would be the one for Boost.Config test:
> mwld -maxerrors 5 -warnings on -maxwarnings 20 -nowraplines -g
> -shared -search -o
> "/Users/stephencarson/Development/boost/results/bin/boost/libs/config/test/lin
> k/liblink_test.dylib/cw-9_3/debug/liblink_test-cw93-d-1_32.dylib"
> "/Users/stephencarson/Development/boost/results/bin/boost/libs/config/test/lin
> k/liblink_test.dylib/cw-9_3/debug/link_test.o"
> -bin-boost-status-config_link_test-test-cw-9_3-debug.html

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