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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-01 10:13:58

> Wanted to pass along some thoughts from our MetroWerks contact...
>I'm asking him to clarify on some of these things.
> I have been trying to get time to pull a command line from the
>IDE. Hopefully soon.
> I am concerned to nail down an answer to his concern about what
>boost means by Darwin.

Darwin is the name of Apple's open source project - which is the
(mostly non-UI) core of Mac OS X.

>I guess the real question is whether anyone cares which libraries
>are used. Is it important that the CodeWarrior on Mac boost
>build/test not be reliant on Carbon? (Carbon is a library with MacOS
>specific stuff in it, mostly GUI routines I think). In another
>e-mail he referred to a "BSD layer". I'm not sure what this means,
>but if anyone can clarify where boost should plug in architecturally
>(and where it shouldn't) that would be helpful for both of us.

Metrowerks has their own implementation of the standard library,
unimaginatively named the "Metrowerks Standard Library" or MSL.

When you write a program using CodeWarrior on the Mac, you can use
the MSL, or the standard library that Apple ships as part of the
system (which is provided by gcc). Metrowerks refers to this as the
"BSD library" (probably because of MacOS's BSD heritage).

-- Marshall
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