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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-10 21:43:40

Aleksey Gurtovoy wrote:
> Rene Rivera writes:

> Does what? Uploads logs to server? It's a one-liner.

And for the next feature.. another one-liner, and another.

>>So there's no point in continuing to "extend" if we
>>can just switch to an already proven equivalent.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> To switch, you have to transfer all the logic of '' to
> BuiltBot server side.

Some of it. Parts of it have better equivalents in BuildBot. And other
parts are the same logic I, and others, use in our test scripts (not

> Then everybody needs to switch to the new test
> running infrastructure.

Yes. Incrementally.

> The cost of implementing the whole thing is
> significantly higher, although it's definitely more exciting to work
> on than fixing the mundane problems of the existing tools.

I _am_ fixing an existing tool,,,, run_tests.bat. And yes, I'm also fixing other tools, like
BBv1, just not as visibly.

And it has nothing to do with excitement. This is something I have a
personal need to do, i.e. I need for my business. I can't use for my needs. So I chose to do some extra work, above *my*
requirements so that it could be used by Boost. In the mean time I have
a 3 hour interruption, to track down a problem on your machine.

Honestly Aleksey, you ask me to explain how BuildBot can be better. And
when I do, you belittle my answers, and the work done by the creators of
BuildBot. I'm not sure how to take it, but it's getting a bit
frustrating :-\

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