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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-28 21:19:16

Hi, I'm back, and I see you can't keep to a plan. The IDEA is to
keep the main branch what you release and tell all the yahoos who
insist on adding features branch

At 16:14 2005-07-28, you wrote:
>We've now branched for the 1.33.0 release, but we need to shift testing
>over to the branch for a week or so while we squash the remaining
>regressions. However, while we do this we should keep testing the trunk
>so that it can't slip very far from 1.33.0's results.
>To do this, I'm asking specific regression testers to test the
>RC_1_33_0 branch. The testers I'd like to move over to RC_1_33_0 are:
> - Dirxion
> - OSL
> - Martin Wille
> - OSL3
> - CalebEpstein
> - Bronek
> - huber
> - metacomm
> - goncalo-vc8
> - sslapeta
>That should give us enough coverage for 1.33.0, while leaving enough
>testers going to be sure that the trunk does not regress too far in the
>Aleksey and Misha: Can MetaComm start building results for both
>RC_1_33_0 and CVS-HEAD?
>Thanks everyone, we're almost there!
> Doug
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