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From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-16 07:00:59

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Boris Gubenko wrote:

>> Is there some environment variable which can be set to point to
>> user-config.jam ?
> There was mention of providing a USER_CONFIG env var, but I think that
> was rejected.

FWIW: The variable is: BOOST_USER_CONFIG and has same meaning than the
--user-config switch

What puzzles me is the stated behaviour that Boost.Build took up user-config.jam
from the current working directory. This can't be true as far as I understand.
The only exception I could think of is when BOOST_BUILD_PATH happens to contain
a path to the current directory, i.e. where bjam is being invoked from.

>> Note that specifying
>> --bjam-options="--user-config=$BOOST_BUILD_PATH/user-config.jam"
> Yea, that should work.

Hmm, Boost.Build still will take up user-config.jam from BOOST_BUILD_PATH,
_but_ when building boost libs boost-build.jam will prepend the tools/build/v2
directory in front to load the in-tree build system (by calling rule
boost-build). Unfortunately in this directory there also is a stock user-config
which now will be loaded as a side effect.

Either use --user-config= or BOOST_USER_CONFIG to address this.

Hmm, it also should be possible to only load the bootstrap file from boost-build
path and then for user-config.jam have the prvious behaviour. Need to discuss
this with volodya.

But: In either case: --user-config= will always work. So this is the safest bet.

Roland aka speedsnail

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