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From: Jasper, Alexander (alexander.jasper_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-18 15:21:28

Hi All!

I'm currently starting to use more of boost, including libs that need compiling. Namely date_time.
I first of all have to thank you for creating boost. It really boosts c++ development so much. And it is amazing what can be done with c++ templates.

I'm having problems linking the date_time lib. I'm using the vc-7_1-stlport config. In the debug build everything is fine. But no libs are build for release mode. At least there are none w/o the g in their name in the stage/lib folder. The pragma comment lib stuff complains when building my program about not being able to find libboost_date_time-vc71-mt-p-1_32.lib. And indeed, it is not there.

I'm using this cmd-line to build date_time

..\..\build\bjam.exe -sTOOLS=vc-7_1-stlport "-sBUILD=<define>BOOST_NO_STD_WSTRING" "-sSTLPORT_4.6.2_PATH=D:\Alexander.Jasper\hlf\OpsMan-2\tao146_port\thirdparty\stlport" "-sstlport-iostreams=on" --with-date_time stage

after building stage/lib contains these files

18.07.2005 14:39 53.248 boost_date_time-vc71-mt-gdp-1_32.dll
18.07.2005 14:39 22.400 boost_date_time-vc71-mt-gdp-1_32.lib
18.07.2005 14:39 22.400 boost_date_time-vc71-mt-gdp.lib
18.07.2005 14:39 951.040 libboost_date_time-vc71-mt-gdp-1_32.lib
18.07.2005 14:39 951.040 libboost_date_time-vc71-mt-gdp.lib

I have attached the bjam output to this email. But I can't find any error messages in there.

Does anybody have an idea what is could be going wrong here?
Thank would be great. And thanks a lot in advance.

I have another issue with VC 7.1 with the multi_index lib. If I use it in conjunction with a smart_ptr it gives me an ICE. Does anybody know if that's a known bug of VC? Fixed in 8.0?

To be specific this code fails:

typedef boost::multi_index::multi_index_container<
                         BOOST_MULTI_INDEX_CONST_MEM_FUN(ps::Activity,unsigned int,getId)>,
                            boost::multi_index::tag<date>,BOOST_MULTI_INDEX_CONST_MEM_FUN (ps::Activity,boost::posix_time::ptime,getBegin)> > > TLegCache;

It works ok with a regular pointer. This is supposed to work, isn't it? I have not yet tried with gcc.
Another thing is that it consistently crashed with another class being index. Even with a regular pointer in that case. The typedef and the class are almost the same as above. The getter functions are const and return objects by value.
I simply don't get it. This damn VC. My first impression was that things got A LOT better with 7.1. But apparently I'm wrong. Or is my code broken, after all?

Thanks in advance for any hints or work arounds.

kind regards


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