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From: Sliwa, Przemyslaw (London) (Przemyslaw_Sliwa_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-23 05:41:19

This what I did.
I had to create the projects from scratch. Fairly simple.
Most of the test compile and link fine. Some of them fail.

Thanks for help to anyone,


Kind regards



Przemyslaw Sliwa
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> I have a quick question - I would like to build the static library and
> not the DLL.
> Could you tell me what should be changed in the project apart form the
> "General->static lib"?

[Nat] Um, no. But since .vcproj files are specially-formatted text
files, I assume the worst case would involve building a new
static-library project by manually setting things the same way in your
new project file as in my old one. The IDE may let you change the root
type of a project after the fact; I've never tried.
> Do you know how to disable the auto-link of boost?

[Nat] These are things we changed in boost/boost/config/user.hpp:

// BOOST_WHATEVER_DYN_LINK: Forces library "whatever" to be linked as a
// rather than a static library on Microsoft Windows: replace the
// part of the macro name with the name of the library that you want to
// dynamically link to, for example use BOOST_DATE_TIME_DYN_LINK or
// BOOST_REGEX_DYN_LINK etc (this macro is used to turn on
// modifiers, so that the compiler knows which symbols to look for in a
// rather than in a static library).
// Note that there may be some libraries that can only be statically
// (Boost.Test for example) and others which may only be dynamically
// (Boost.Threads for example), in these cases this macro is
// BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB: Tells the config system not to automatically select

// which libraries to link against.
// Normally if a compiler supports #pragma lib, then the correct library

// build variant will be automatically selected and linked against,
// simply by the act of including one of that library's headers.
// This macro turns that feature off.

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