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Subject: [ggl] Re: problems with Boost Geometry Xcode compile?
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2010-03-10 04:20:21


> If the name "check" that we used in geometry/geometries/concept/check.hpp is
> unhappy for some compilers, we can consider to change it, it is a detail
> (though not in namespace detail), a utility class to check the concepts in a
> uniform way. So if you (and other people using Xcode / Apple AssertMacro's)
> do have ugly workaround, I indeed prefer to rename it...

I'm a bit concerned about changing this name for the sake of an
incompatibility with one compiler, as it can be the case with pretty
much any C++ implementation that would overuse macros.

When I write a C++ program, I always include stuff in the following
order: C standard lib, C++ standard lib, boost headers, other 3rd
party headers, my headers. Boost users should be advised to do this
way (I remember that Boost.Python has the same constraint in some
contexts) and that will easily avoid the majority of possible

Boost makes an exception with the "min" and "max" macros defined by
MSVC. The problem is so common that any Boost library has to guarantee
it works properly if those are defined. But if I remember well, it's
due to the fact that the Windows include chain is made in such a way
that it's often mandatory to include windows-specific stuff before
everything else.


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